On August 16, 2016 I wrote a Blog Post aptly named Idiocracy because I had a sick feeling in my stomach that Donald Trump was somehow going to miraculously win the Presidency of the United States and he did.

His “Base” rejoiced.  Hate crimes increased, Jewish Centers were threatened with bombs, Gays, Blacks, and minorities of all stripes were beaten and harassed; yes it was a great day for Russia, uh, I mean AmeriKa.  By electing an amoral, misogynistic, racist, serial liar, bigot and overall asshole to the highest office in the land a landslide of pent up hate and frustration was released on the innocent.  Great job AmeriKa.

One has to ask themselves how an election campaign as disorganized as Trump’s could have possibly done the math and pinpointed the exact areas where Hilary needed to be disparaged the most in order to win the Electoral College Vote but lose the Popular Vote by 3,000,000 people.  It’s easy actually.  The “Russians” waged an all out war on social media and strategically targeted the soft underbelly of our imperfect democracy.  If I was playing a Board Game and was able to force my opponents to elect a Moron as President, even if the Moron was unfriendly to me, it would be a win because said Moron would wreak havoc on the game.

I don’t recall the Non-Profit and Non-Political organization that has tracked how many times Trump has lied or made misrepresentations since he was elected but the last number I heard was in excess of 600 times.  A man that is capable of standing up in front of tens of millions of people and tell lies that are so transparent you couldn’t make a swimsuit out of them is a sick person.  Still, months into his Presidency his “Base” continues to support him.

I’m hoping at this point that Trump Supporters are starting to get that sick feeling in the pit of their stomach thinking they might have fucked up.  He’s trying to strip away Health Insurance from 23 million Americans, he has dismantled our EPA (and for the morons, that’s the Environmental Protection Agency), and pretty much everything he has done either benefits a tiny percentage of the population (not his base) or will make the lives of the rest of us that much worse with foul air, poison water, while feeding the greed lust of a handful of AmeriKans.  Meanwhile the dumb asses that are waiting for their Coal jobs to come back are still waiting, those manufacturing jobs aren’t magically re-appearing, his infrastructure proposals involve giving the Air Traffic Control System to a Private Company (what do you want to bet it will be an associate of Trump?), and his overhaul of the Tax System has only sputtered a few words out suggesting a tax cut here (for the rich).  In other words, he hasn’t done anything.

Let me point out that my husband and I are 1%’ers.  We will most likely benefit from any Tax Plan the Republicans can force through, we have our own Health Care, and we aren’t waiting for nonexistent jobs to suddenly re-appear.   We do however have to suffer the indignity of telling every single person we meet overseas that we DID NOT vote for Trump.  It’s pretty much the first thing we have to say when we meet someone from another Country.

His pinch-faced daughter and Ken Doll son-in-law are some of his top advisers?  Ivanka is no doubt telling him how the Chinese sweat shops work that make her shoes, and Jarad has been tasked with basically everything.  Yes, from overhauling the Government to the Opiate Crisis we have a child in charge.   Henry Kissinger said it so perfectly when asked about Mr Kushner.  He said that he no doubt has a good education from Harvard that will prepare him for the results of flying too close to the sun.  Read between the lines; he’s going to crash and burn which he will probably do when it is disclosed that he was trying to use his influence in the White House to get funding for a billion dollar white elephant high rise that his family owns in New York.  They desperately need $250 million and, surprise, nobody is loaning them the money.

Our Government is only partially staffed because Trump either hasn’t appointed people into the approximately 1,200 positions that a new President has to fill or he simply cannot find qualified people that will work in his administration.  After all, he has publicly humiliated pretty much everyone in his administration; why would you sign up for that.  It would appear that anyone firmly entrenched in the Trump Administration will go down in history as part of the dumb-ass club.  Instead of being a stepping stone to bigger and better things, their jobs at the white house are the hatch cover to the septic tank.

In a way it’s almost a shame that Trump is so bogged down in his criminal activities and the subsequent investigations that he can’t get his legislation passed.  In 2018 when his “Base” realized they no longer had health insurance, still didn’t have a job, and their taxes actually went up, not down, maybe the sociopathic Republicans standing for re-election would go down in flames.  A lot of them have already branded themselves by voting for the few pieces of “Landmark” legislation that have passed by them.  Have you seen the Town Hall Meetings they have when they get home?  Whew, those people are pissed.

Sadly, I know some reasonably intelligent people that voted for Trump and, probably because they don’t want to admit they were wrong, they continue to “support” him.  That is the part that dumbfounds me.  I can force myself to understand how someone might think that a “Businessman” might shake things up at the White House.  After all, he was going to drain the swamp.  But the swamp he was talking about was the one surrounding his Estate in Florida, Bel Lago, not Washington DC.  No, instead, he has stocked the swamp with  particularly virulent species that are eating our Democracy alive.

I could rant on for hours but I just wanted to memorialize that what I said last August has come to pass and that we have directed our Country down a steep, dangerous and possibly irreversible path.  If Trump survives (and I mean that literally and metaphorically) for 4 years, the cancer he will leave behind might take decades to kill or it may never die.  Personally I believe that there are enough decent people out there that we will be able to put the crazies back in their cages, the coal miners will have died from lung cancer along with the Oil Frackers and pretty much everyone else working in the unregulated industries that will “Make AmeriKa Great Again”.  The up and coming generation will have a lot of work but if you scrape the shit off of your shoe enough times, it gets harder and harder to smell.

Just so there’s no ambiguity here, FUCK YOU TRUMP, FUCK YOU SPENCE, FUCK YOU RYAN, FUCK YOU to anyone that actually listens to that amoral rock toad or, worse yet, is using this vacuum to push through a belief system that would poison everything that has made this country great.

Joe Jeter – June 10, 2017