Idiocracy – the Movie

“only to awaken 500 years later in a dystopian society where advertisingcommercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism have run rampant, and is devoid of intellectual curiositysocial responsibility, and coherent notions of justice and human rights.”

Is this the description of a very bad movie or is this the current Presidential Election?  For those of you that suffered through the movie, “Idiocracy”, I hope you felt like I did; the absolute impossibility that our culture could unwind itself to that point no matter how bad things got.  Now I read the headlines and each day as it looks like Donald Trump could possibly win the Presidency I feel like I’ve awakened from a long hibernation and something has gone terribly wrong in our society.

Let me dissect why I loathe “Trump”.

First, as an entrepreneur myself, I am insulted that this guy considers himself a successful businessman.  If it weren’t for his wealthy father Trump could easily be selling hot dogs on 5th Ave.  Instead, year after year, bankruptcy after bankruptcy he has bilked banks and investors and, even worse, thousands of average workers, out of most of the money he calls his own.  His word means nothing, he has abominable taste, and he is in no way an American success story.  He is an American success anomaly and is no way as wealthy as he purports to be.  Even his charitable giving is a lie.  The Trump Foundation reaches out for donors then re-donates their money in their name.  Trump has not given any of his own money away since 2008.  He is a financial maggot.

Second, doesn’t it bother most people that he has named every venture after himself?  Trump Tower, Trump University, Trump, Trump, Trump.  His sole focus in life is himself, his needs and desires, and the description megalomaniac hardly does him justice.  A person like this cannot possibly end up as the most powerful person in the free world.  Who would talk about their penis size on national television as part of a presidential campaign?  Who would reference a woman’s menstrual cycle as an insult, again on tv, or disparage honesty of a Judge because of his cultural background?

In my years, the most dangerous people I have encountered are those that believe everything they say.  This means that when they lie they don’t have the normal body language responses making it possible to detect what is true and false.  I have studied the art of lying and how to detect it; this skill came in very handy negotiating contracts, but there are some people that simply believe that everything they say is the absolute truth.  This is Donald Trump.  Jesus H. Christ people, how in the fuck could you put a person this dangerous in the drivers seat of the entire country.

Apparently people believe he will do something about illegal immigration.  Doubtful.  If he did who would work in his hotels and golf courses for next to nothing.  Let’s say just for the same of argument that he did manage to deport all 11 million illegal residents.  Am I the only one that realizes that entire parts of our economy would fall apart.  Without being racist, who would manage our farms?  Work in our restaurant kitchens?  Trust me, hardworking immigrants, illegal or not, are an essential part of our capitalist society and without them we would have a domino effect disaster of unimaginable proportions.  That’s not even considering how many families would be ripped apart as Mothers and Fathers were deported leaving their American children behind.  Is this Nazi Germany or the United States?  And his views on Islam are so hopelessly myopic that he needs Lasic surgery on his brain so that maybe he can see that the religion and those who practice it are not the problem.

The economy.  Trump is going to fix the economy?  Has anybody been listening to what he has proposed?  At one point he said we should renegotiate our national debt.  This isn’t a backroom New York development, this is the entire National Debt of our Country.  Nobody would loan us a dime after that or, if they did it would be at credit card interest rates.  Trump doesn’t know the first thing about an “Economy”. He’s been funneling a big percentage of his campaign contributions into his own businesses; that’s a Trump economy.

Two times now he has essentially encouraged some deranged gun owner to shoot Hilary Clinton.  This is so beyond my ability to comprehend and, what’s worse is that he hasn’t been hauled off of the stage and put in jail for making those statements.  Then, asking the Russians to hack the DNC (again).  I could go on but suffice it to say, this guy is a loose cannon, pure and simple.  Anyone that has fallen victim to his spin is in danger of scarring our Country, perhaps irreversibly.

Speaking of Spin.  Again, hasn’t anybody noticed that all of a sudden he has started to speak almost intelligibly?  The words, ideas and concepts coming out of that man’s mouth are NOT HIS OWN.  A cloud of stench has surrounded him and those people are hand feeding him the words that the angry white masses want to hear.  I hope that every single political person that has aligned themselves with this monster find themselves suddenly at the end of their careers for making a choice based on greed and God knows what else.  No one in their right mind could honestly support this fool without ulterior motives.

His lying is so ridiculously transparent that I almost feel sorry for him.  Bill Maher referred to Trump as the Orange Hitler.  I honestly think Trump is worse than Hitler, at least at this stage of his political career relative to where Hitler was this far into his own rise to power.  Hitler was at least a powerful speaker that captivated the masses.  Trump is a slobbering, name calling fool that lies when a truth would serve him better.  And apparently a large percentage of the American population is tired enough or angry enough or hungry enough or simply ready to stop pretending that they are not racist, self serving, hate mongering lemmings that will follow the loudest noise to their demise that they will actually vote for this guy.

When the Supreme Court legalized Gay Marriage I had a moment where I was proud of our Country.  That was a quantum  leap in Human Rights and it showed the entire world that we, as a society, were progressing out of the dark ages.  Now, just a short time later we could possibly be on the brink of becoming not only the laughing stock of the entire developed world, but the victims of the most massive farce ever attempted.  Donald Trump is the flap of shit encrusted hair that hangs over a sheep asshole.  There, that’s about the nicest thing I can think of to say about someone that could possibly ruin the lives of  countless millions of people while making himself if not richer, the most recognized Court Jester in the world.  I pray that on the morning after the election the headline is “Donald Trump, YOUR’RE FIRED”.

I hope to God that anyone that reads this realizes that it is incumbent not only upon them, but on everyone they know and everyone they know and so on and so on, to register and vote.  I’m a permanent mail-in voter so it’s next to impossible for me to miss a vote.  Thankfully California is populated with enough people that don’t pick their nose and eat it that Trump is not a threat here.  But we still need to rise up and give him the worst defeat in election history.  If we don’t, the signal that will send to the rest of the world will haunt us for decades.  We also need to vote out of office anyone that even intimated support for him.  A loud and powerful messages needs to be sent out to the Trumps of the world that the rise to power is not through hate and anger.  If that message falters we have taken a huge step backwards as a society, as a culture, as the once finest Country in the world.

Many years ago I read an article called “The Power of One”.  It talked about how important it was for every single Gay person to come out of the closet.  The connection was fairly simple.  The more aunts and uncles and friends and brothers and sisters that knew Gay people the faster the falsehoods and misunderstandings would fall by the wayside.  I know that I have personally been the “first gay person” that many, many people have ever met.  Well, that’s what they thought anyway.  I was the first person that was not afraid to say “yes, I am Gay”.  My construction job-sites were Gay-Joke-Free zones.  God forbid that somebody make an AIDS joke in front of me.  As the boss I could shut that crap down fast and the rage that was right behind it was obvious even to the most oblivious person.  “Oh shit, he’s Gay”.

Well, now the Power of One has returned with even more urgency.  Each and every one of us needs to do as many Trump interventions as we can.  And if anyone reading this actually is considering voting for that pile of human flotsam, open your mind for 30 seconds, turn down the Rush Limbaugh show, get off of the rabid extreme right wing white supremacy websites, and step back and really look at the person you are proposing to make president.  There is no way on this Earth that a reasonable person could conclude that he is presidential material.

Hilary.  Yes, we do have a problem.  She should have had this election hands down.  In fact, she should have been able to go on a 9 month vacation, come back on election night and give her acceptance speech.  Instead, because she too has outright lied to us we don’t trust her either.  I’m not completely happy with the Clinton legacy but at least she would know how to run the God Damn country.  I could sleep at night knowing that she wasn’t going to have a post menopausal moment and launch a flurry of nuclear missiles at some tiny coral atoll based country because they made fun of her make up.  I have to believe that, if elected, Hilary would rise to the occasion as the first woman president.  Is she the best person in the United States to take on this role?  No, probably not.  But in our democracy, right now we only have two viable choices and one of them is the trigger to the gun that will blow the brains out of our society.

I have purposely made this blog posting harsh.  The anger you feel in my words is real.  The shame I feel that I live in a Country where someone like Trump could even get above the bubbles on top of a mud hole on their rise to an elected office is real.  How could this be happening?  I knew we were in trouble when Sarah Palin was actually a candidate for the Vice Presidency but I believe that it was her presence that doomed McCain from winning that election.  WE as a society saw that she was a fool and refused to put her one heartbeat away from the Oval Office.  Now we have someone that makes Sarah Palin look like a Pipe Bomb compared to a Hydrogen Bomb and the polls are saying that somehow, in some twisted, through the looking glass, LSD driven, sleep deprived state of being, we might elect someone to the highest office in the land that should probably be cleaning the toilets for the person in the highest office in the land.

Wake up America or you are going to pay a heavy price for closing your minds.  Yes, many, many people have never truly recovered from the economic downturn.  Our banks continue to make fools out of our Government, large Corporations have avoided Billions, if not Trillions in dollars in taxes, more and more people cannot afford a home and, did you know that the average American does not have $400 to use in case of a financial emergency?  Yes, I agree that is fucked up.  But a guy that surrounds himself with 6 billionaires as his financial advisers is probably not the person that is going to care about you because it is people like him that have stepped on the lifeless body of our increasingly poor “middle class” to get to where they are.

Joe Jeter  09/18/2016